What I Wish Everyone Knew

Today, I was prompted to listen to a video. In that video, the suggestion was to get to our “clarity point” which is an understanding of why we do what we do.

The original activity was, “If I could get everyone to agree with me about one thing, it would be _____.” Then you fill in the blank. It seems like a simple question, and like it wouldn’t lead anywhere.

I struggled. I thought, “The only reason you are thinking about that subject is because you’ve been busy decluttering your home.” Never mind the fact that for over twenty years I keep coming back to working on that subject.

I just decided to write it anyway.

“If I could get everyone to agree with me about one thing it would be clean up our environment so we could Be who we are.”

The next part of the assignment was to add “so that” to the end of the sentence. I chuckled because in essence, I already did that. Then you keep adding “so that” until you get to one that makes you cry.

I’m not going to share what mine is. I am going to share that the purpose of this is to keep me on track. When I am writing a post like this, I can ask myself if it aligns with my clarity point. If I am offering some program or service to you, I can ask if it aligns with my clarity point.

It’s important for me to share things that help you choose to be more you. I think this technique can be quite powerful.

It’s also important for me to share things that will help you create an environment that supports you in being who you are. My friend actually took this technique and applied it in a slightly different way.

It looked a bit like this:

I’m going to clean my house so that…

She continued until she had one that made her cry. That’s her real motivation. The real reason she wants her house to be clean.

If you try it, let me know. Whether for business, cleaning, or something else. Only share what you feel safe sharing and how it makes you feel to know that deep why.

Lots of love,

Michele Lewis

Soul Shine Specialist
& Home Healer
Let your light shine!

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