Permission to Know

This post might be a little different. I’m going to open up about some of my religious beliefs as I share with you an important tool in my toolbox. Permission to know is a powerful tool that allows me to get some clarity about truth. Be sure to read to the end for an important warning concerning this tool.

In my line of work, it is quite common for people to leave religious beliefs. The concept of being spiritual without religion is quite common, and many choose to leave religion. Just like a person can go to church every week and not actually be spiritual. For me, this means sometimes I question what I believe. I want to have a solid foundation in whatever I believe. I choose to be religious and spiritual.

A few years ago, I started questioning my beliefs in God. Was I making it all up? Is there really a separate all-knowing being or what? The thing I noticed was this desperate fear of letting go of everything I believed in. I knew in order to really know, I would have to be willing to let it go. I actually said, “I give myself permission for all of this God stuff to be a lie.” Energy moves and clears when we declare such things. Unlike many who give themselves this permission, I knew it wasn’t enough.

It’s too easy to give ourselves permission in one direction. Especially when some part of us thinks it could be easier. Think of all the rules I wouldn’t have to follow if there was no God. After a couple of minutes, I made another declaration. “I give myself permission to know God is real.” Immediately my mind was reminded of miracles in my life, times when I could not deny God’s hand in my life. My body was filled with lightness and love and I knew. I know God is real.

As time has passed, I have had other things to question. Things about church. Things about myself. I find that the experiences are similar. When I give myself permission in both directions, I allow myself to receive my truth. One side of the coin will come with light feelings and a sense of expansion. Sometimes you will have mixed energies on a subject. As you give yourself permission to know the truth, the false ideas will begin to dissipate. You will be left with the absolute truth when you are truly willing to know.

One way we can use this is with beliefs about ourselves. Say you feel unworthy. Declare, “I give myself permission to know I am unworthy.” Notice how that feels in your body. Does it bring you joy and expansive feelings or sorrow and contractive feelings? Now declare, “I give myself permission to know I am worthy.” Notice how this feels. You might even cry in joy and relief as your being begins to feel worthy. If you don’t have clear answers, repeat the process until you actually know. 

Lies make energy contract. The lies we tell to ourselves. The lies we tell others. The lies they tell us. The lies that we have been raised with because no one knew better. Truth makes energy expand. Our truth. God’s truth. Their truth. Expansive energy always leads to love, joy, and bliss. 

The reason this tool works is because of how we often either hold on so tight or push ideas so far away that we don’t allow the truth in. When you hold on so tight to one idea, you don’t allow any light to come in. Likewise, when you refuse to even entertain an idea, you can’t let light in. Even the light you are trying to hold onto cannot fully come in when you hold so tight. When you give permission for both sides to be true, you let go of all the barriers and allow the truth to come in with all its glory.WARNING! 

Sometimes when you give yourself permission on the first side of the coin, you will feel such a sense of relief as you let go of the tight controls. Do not mistake this for lightness and expansion. You must give yourself permission for both sides in order to really be able to compare both sides and receive the full truth. When you give permission to both sides, you get to a neutral place that allows all the truth to manifest. There may be bits of truth on both sides that can now be known.

Please let me know what happens when you try this. Did you resist trying this? Why or why not? I love to hear your feedback.
With love from my heart to yours,


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