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Sometimes new tools come our way. I was in love with Body of 9 and truly I still am in love with Body of 9. For six months, it was my favorite new tool. I honestly didn’t believe it could be beat.

Introducing Neurographics. I have a new favorite tool!

Last weekend, I went to a small Energy Healing Conference. Usually these are quite large and full of people. This time, it was the first bilingual Energy Healing Conference. As it was the first of its kind, it was truly small. One of my friends was there and the size of the conference was perfect for me.

My friend is Irina Baxter. She’s a fellow intuitive healer and I was excited to see her. I didn’t know that seeing her would literally change my life.

Irina is from Russia and because of that, she was able to learn a technique created by a fellow Russian. She looked around the web to see if she could find someone who taught this technique in America. She couldn’t find it anywhere so she’s now teaching.

The technique uses a variety of concepts, some markers and other coloring tools, and a bit of time. This isn’t a scribble to get emotions out kind of thing. This is a rewrite the neural pathways in your brain kind of thing.

I’ve done a few drawings from what she taught me. I’ve already got a great story to share!

On Sunday, I decided to do one about the mess in my house. I was struggling with mega overwhelm, parenting frustration, and absolute disgust as I looked around my home. I knew there were things I needed to do. The kids weren’t doing their part and they were stressing me out big time. Unfortunately, all of this stress and overwhelm had me in freeze mode. I pretty much couldn’t do anything all day long.

Monday morning, I woke up in a great mood. I got in and did dishes. I then folded all of my laundry and put it away. I did more dishes. I rested when I needed. At the end of the day, I was impressed. While resting, I didn’t think much about the house. While I was up and doing, I just did things without thinking about it. I wasn’t angry at the kids. I wasn’t overwhelmed. I just did what I needed and asked the kids to help when appropriate. It was so cool.

Tuesday morning, I woke up in a great mood. I did some cleaning in the bathroom. After my errands, I did a bit more in the kitchen with dishes but mostly, I rested. I felt no guilt while resting. I did when I could and felt good about it. I was patient with the kids and even got in and helped in areas that normally I would whine from my chair about.

Wednesday, the day I am writing this. Again, I got up in a great mood, although I was a bit tired. I did a lot of the things I needed to do. I had patience with my kids. I’m going to bed with some dirty dishes that a child didn’t do. I’m not yelling and screaming, not even in my head. I decided I’ll do them tomorrow if he doesn’t get them done. I’ll probably ask him again in the morning just to give him a chance to do his part.

Maybe it seems weird to just do them. The reality is, the dishes bother me not my kids. Or at least it doesn’t bother them enough to do something about it. It does bother me. I have choices. I could yell and scream, but that doesn’t get anywhere. I could wait around for him to do them, but that doesn’t get anything done. I could do them myself. I could have another kid do them, although that would make someone angry. The point is that these choices and many other choices exist. I am the one that cares so I am the one that will do it.

For me, the exciting part is that a simple drawing completely changed my attitude. No overwhelm. No need to avoid. No anger at the kids. I just do what I need to do to have a space that I enjoy. That means doing a little cleaning when I can.

Irina has a great story about money. The experiences I’ve heard and had have quick results. Sometimes the solutions come within a day or two. Sometimes it’s just a huge attitude adjustment. For me, this house cleaning thing is something I have been trying all kinds of healing methods to resolve for years. One simple drawing turned out to be my solution.

If you’re interested, let me know. I’ll put you in touch with the information you need to get this amazing tool for yourself!

Big hugs,

Michele Lewis

Soul Shine Specialist
& Home Healer
Let your light shine!


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