Thank you for your interest in being identified.

ShiAnne and Michele will work together to recognize your nature. We are currently Practicing Partners and if we have any doubts or concerns about what we see, we will work with Susan and Martin so that you come away from this process feeling seen, understood, and with tools to move forward. Our intention is that you come away feeling truly acknowledged as the real you.

If you are local to Pleasant Grove, Utah, please reach out and we’ll schedule a time to get together in person. Otherwise, sign up for a Zoom session below.

$ 20.00


Get Identified in the Body of 9 system.

*By agreeing to identification, you agree that you will be entered into the Body of 9 main database. This database is a record and knowledge base for the Body of 9 owners. They send out information about Natural Numbers called Daily Pearls which you can unsubscribe from.

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