Home Healing

We all have some sort of home we live in. Sometimes we own, sometimes we rent, and sometimes people live wherever they can find a place to lay their head.

No matter what your home situation your environment is affecting you. It’s giving us clues into your health, wealth, and other areas of life. No matter what your situation, your health, wealth, and other areas of life are affecting your home! It works both ways.

At Soul Shine Live our intention is more than helping you get your home looking amazing. We want it to feel amazing and support you in being your best self. We want you to improve your inner world so your outer world follows suit. We want you to get your outer world cleaned up so you can shine and feel at home in your home. Again, it works both ways.

We use many tools to guide you to getting a decluttered, clean, and organized home through our coaching program.

We offer virtual and in-person decluttering, organizing, and/or cleaning coaching as well as intuitive design consultations. We understand that there are many reasons why we need support in these areas and will work with your unique needs, personality, and circumstances.

Please reach out to discuss options.

We use remote intuitive healing to clean up the energy aspects of your home.

Home Healing is a remote process that is done for you. You’ll get a pdf with notes on the energy that was addressed in the session.

People frequently say that their homes feel lighter after these sessions.

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We even use your home to access hidden beliefs, emotions, and other trapped energy patterns through live one-on-one sessions. How we feel about our homes, is how we feel about life.

When we do these sessions, we ask specific questions to get to the deepest available cause of whatever stress you have in life. Frequently, these questions involve how you feel about your home. We can address money, relationships, health, and any other challenge you are experiencing.

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Thank you for your interest. It is my intention that your home is a place of peace.