Feng Shui in the Kitchen

One of the things I love about our homes is the insight they give us into our inner world. I guarantee in some way you are completely aligned with your living situation. I know, sometimes that really sucks to hear and it doesn’t always make sense.

The great news is, there are things we can do about it! For today, let’s look at Feng Shui. It is just one tool I use to discover what is going on in my home, and therefore my life. Today, we’re going to look at our kitchens. 

Let’s take the map and place it over the entire home. We’ll use the compass method first. You’ll get a compass and find north. This is where the entrance side of the Bagua map needs to be placed. So the Career section will be on the north-facing side of your home. Most of us will find this pretty simple as most homes face a compass direction. Take note of what zone or zones your kitchen lands in. 

Bagau Image

If your home does not face North, you can also place the map where your front entrance is. Line up the door wall with the entrance or career side of the map. I would suggest if you always use a door other than the front as your main entrance, use that door instead because that is the direction the energy most often enters your home. Again, take note of what zone or zones your kitchen lands in.

With this information in hand, take a minute to notice what your kitchen is like compared to the sections on the map. For instance, my kitchen is mostly located in the knowledge, with some career and a little ancestors when the compass is placed on it. When I place the map over my home entrance, I get the majority of the room in the wealth section with a bit in reputation and ancestors. What connection can I see?

My kitchen is a place where all the family cooks, eats, and doesn’t do their chores without major effort on my side. It still has a lot that reminds me of my mom’s way. I also have some major deep cleaning to do. My personal development often seems to be about how others view me and honestly, it takes me great effort to take time to read. Something interesting is the career section covers a cupboard that I just started deep cleaning and since doing that work, I have felt a need to get moving on my career again. Like my kitchen that I can’t seem to keep clean, my money seems to constantly be a mess. What connections can you see in your kitchen?

Now let’s move to the room itself. We can take that same map and put it over the room. We align the entrance side of the map with the wall our door is on. Now, notice what is going on in your kitchen. 

That cupboard I mentioned, it’s in the wealth corner. That’s exciting. I found as I approached cleaning that cupboard, I was avoiding doing it for many reasons and the deep hidden reason was I didn’t want to feel the anger and resentment I associated with it. I have a lot of anger and resentment where money is concerned as well. My relationship corner is another disaster area that needs a deep cleaning. Is it a wonder that I have struggled with relationships and money? Or did my struggle create the mess in my home? Probably a bit of both.

The amazing thing is, you can change things in your home and create inner changes thereby changing your alignment. You can also change your inner world, which causes you to make outer changes. I have one area where I did some inner changes and now I can’t stand it getting cluttered so I keep it clean. My alignment changed. When you intentionally create change in both the inner world and change things in your home everything is easier. You’re clearing your home and more importantly, you’re changing all the things that prevent you from being you.

I want to see you shine and have a home that reflects the essence of you!


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