Entities, Demons, and Displaced Spirits

Lately, I have been interested in entity clearings. For a while now, I have been in denial about the subject. On some level, I knew they were around, I’d even cleared them before but for whatever reason, probably an entity, I didn’t want to do anything about it. Let’s talk about three kinds of entities, keep in mind there could be more.


I think demons are a pretty straightforward concept. They are deceptive and dark. I really think the reason we have demons in our existence is because we came to a world of opposition. We must have extreme darkness as opposition to extreme light. In my experience, they only have power when we allow them to. Sometimes it’s a subconscious power we give them. 

One time, there was a sound that woke my son and me up in the middle of the night. I now think it may have been a bucket of Legos falling to the floor.  At the time, we had no idea what it was, and my son and I were quite disturbed. I went into near terror. I decided to follow the fear to the source and clear the fears from my early childhood. As soon as the fear was clear and I was calm, I heard a couple of spirits begin to swear, using words I can’t stand and never even think. I sent them away and I was at peace again.

I tell this story because those demons got super angry because I cleared their source of power. Without my fear for them to feed off and use to their advantage, they had no power. I don’t know if it is always fear. Sometimes it is a belief that they have more power than they do. I think any extreme emotion they can play with. No matter what, they are pretty simple to get rid of, even from other people. The problem with clearing from other people is you can’t clear their deep fears and beliefs without permission so they might call darkness back in. 

Displaced Spirits

Displaced spirits are beings that had a body at one time. They are now hanging around, some know they are dead and some don’t. These are spirits that have not returned to the light. Some are really good people that choose to stay around acting as guides. The challenge with this is they still have all of their paradigms from living in their body. It is much better to send them to the light and let them know we would love to have them back after they go.

If they die with drugs and alcohol in their system, they are still in the haze that those drugs create. This is really easy to release if you know to do it. If my main clearing technique doesn’t work, then I release the energy of drugs and alcohol. After that’s cleared 99% of the time, the main clearing will work.

Some spirits don’t know there is a light to go to. Their life experience didn’t teach them that there was somewhere they could go after they died. Some don’t feel worthy to go to the light. Some feel like they have unfinished business. As I mentioned, some don’t even know they are dead. I ask a few questions, sometimes bring in angels of light, and soon they are on their way to the light.


Entities are a harder subject to understand for some. I like to compare it to a business entity. Although a business doesn’t have a body it kind of has a life of its own. It has its own purpose and vision. An entity in the world of energy can be a belief, paradigm, or something else that takes on a life of its own. Often we talk of the “spirit of contention” in my church. Many people assume it is a demon but in reality, it is an energy that is so common that it takes on a life of its own  Any kind of energy can become an entity through repetition or strong emotions.

Sometimes, you may hear of energy that is left behind in a home. I have heard of people gaining weight because they lived in the home of someone with a weight issue. This energy is energy that was left in the home and sometimes that energy can actually be an entity.

I think it is important to know that these kinds of influences exist. Lately, I have been clearing these kinds of things from my spirit guides and those of family and clients. Ideally, all of our guides will be angels of light. We don’t want displaced spirits with their limiting paradigms guiding us. They mean well but don’t see the big picture any better than we do, often guiding us from their own fears. I have been amazed at the difference in my own life as I have cleared my own spirit guides.

I have found entities, demons, and displaced spirits in homes, attached to and/or in people. I have found them within injuries, trapped in a certain paradigm, etc. If there is an area that is out of whack in your life, one thing we want to do is clear away these kinds of energy. This will then leave us able to look at the truth and make a permanent change. For instance, I found demons hanging out in my money paradigms. That is definitely not a place I want that kind of energy. Since clearing that, I have noticed a change in attitude towards money and even a desire to put effort into my healing work.


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