Body of 9 is one of the best tools I’ve ever come across!

In essence, there are nine centers of the body. We were each born with all nine and one is our dominant center. That center is a big part of why you value what you do, what your gifts are, and even your challenges. We call these centers natural numbers.

These nine centers are found in the head, chest, and lower abdomen. Our bodies developed in slightly different ways and we actually balance our movements around our natural number. Using these differences and movements, we can identify what your dominant center is. We then have a conversation about some of the qualities that set your number apart from the other eight.

Once identified, you will be taught a physical activation that you can use to get aligned with your dominant center. The most common response to learning your own activation is a sense of peace and calm. You can learn to do other activations as well to gain insight into how others view the world. It’s a truly profound experience.

It is our belief that through the understanding of our Natural Number and the numbers of those around us, we can gain great insight into the challenges and gifts we each have. With these insights we can heal our deepest traumas and encourage our greatest gifts.

Each natural number has a different understanding of what words like overwhelm, intuition, and even peace means. When we talk to you about overwhelm, we want to know your Natural Number, so we can better help you find solutions that actually work for you. When we encourage you to use intuition, we want to use language that makes sense to you.

We are working closely with Susan and Martin Fisher to learn how to accurately identify and support you. If you would like to book an identification session with Michele and ShiAnne, please visit our calendar.

Susan and Martin have worked with over 8000 people. If you want to learn directly from them or get identified by them you can go to the Body of 9 webpage or any of the links at the bottom of the page.

Would you be interested in a powerful healing?

I have a series of videos dedicated to Natural Number Activation Center Clearings. Each video focuses on one number and clears energy around that center.

The best news is, you don’t have to know your number to benefit!

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