Soul Shine Specialists

A Soul Shine Specialist is an associate of Soul Shine Live who uses intuitive gifts and tools to assist you in expressing your soul in full expression. We believe that we didn’t come to this earth experience to be mediocre. We came to earth to shine, thrive, and experience the best parts of life.

Image of Michele

Michele Lewis has been a Soul Shine Specialist for 20 years. She is a Natural Number 9 in the Body of 9 system. She is happy to help you get identified so you know your own number. She loves to guide healing and uses a number of tools to assist in the healing process.

Michele is also a Home Healer and Coach. She uses her intuitive gifts to clear the energy of homes and spaces. She uses unique techniques with the home to uncover hidden beliefs. She also guides decluttering, organizing, and design processes with a combination of learned skills and intuition.

Michele is a mother of 6 plus a daughter-in-love and she loves being a grandma. She is a Christian who understands that everyone gets to find their own spiritual and religious ways through life. She has lots of fun hobbies as well as a creative YouTube channel.

ShiAnne Lewis is Michele’s daughter and a Natural Number 2 in the Body of 9 system. She works with Michele to identify Natural Numbers. Although she is new to the Soul Shine Specialist team, she is a gifted intuitive. She also loves to do card readings. Please feel free to reach out to her.