Welcome to Soul Shine Live where we encourage you to shine in full soul expression.

We believe that we all came to earth for a reason. You have things you want to experience. You have gifts you want to share.

What I, Michele believes happened is you got excited for this earth adventure. You were ready to go and experience life. You got your family, your body, you knew who you were going to be. Yes!

Then reality hit.

The body was small and tight. It came with generational baggage and you picked up energy from your parents before you even breathed air. Your parents didn’t understand you and you didn’t understand them. If you were lucky, they did their best to show you love. Even at best, they didn’t understand the uniqueness that was you. Inevitably some of your deepest values and needs were not met and you were traumatized. That’s the best case scenario which doesn’t even account for the possibility of abuse or other traumatic experiences.

That’s where we come in. At Soul Shine Live, we want to see you shine. That means you let go of the trauma. You understand who you really are. You choose a life that is all you wanted to experience, one aligned with your deepest values and gifts.

Here on the website, you will find information about some of our favorite tools. You’ll find services, courses, and messages that will be designed to lift the trauma from your life and allow you to shine. Take a look around and follow what calls to you.

We’d also love to invite you to our discord community. A place for love, friendship, healing, and fun.

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